creating YOUR webSITE

Once we have agreed the specification for your website, we will design and build it with Libri taking centre stage.


We will work with you, your agents, publishers and cover designers to create a stylish and beautiful layout that fits with your brand. All sites are fully responsive, ensuring they look just as good on mobile as they do on a larger screen.


Design can be a very personal thing and you will either have a strong idea of what you like (and don’t like) – or absolutely no idea, or something in between! Whatever your preference, we will work with you to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the overall look and feel of the whole site, down to the smallest detail, whether you are a nit-picker, perfectionist or just happy to let us guide you.


During the build you will have many opportunities to see and discuss your website’s progress, through an online staging site and further consultations as needed.


We can also work alongside your artwork designers, graphic or UX designers if required.

Additional Features

Your website doesn’t stop with your books! You may have social media channels which you’d like to integrate, or a blog so you can communicate more actively with your readers. The options for your site are limitless – but you can start with the following:


A great way to keep your readers engaged is with a blog or news section which can be easily updated by you. Perhaps you have a new book coming out, or have just received a rave review! You could also integrate an existing blog into your site, by importing existing posts and comments to retain continuity with your fan base.

Photo & Video

Images and videos are a great way to liven up a website. We also offer photography and video production in-house.


Share newsletters with your readers - perhaps a simple email alert when you add a new blog post, or to send exclusive content to your most loyal followers. Sign-up forms can be added to your site that are fully compliant with GDPR and email templates can be created for easy distribution.


Publish a calendar of events on your site with details of speaking or educational events that you are taking part in. This can be linked from a simple Google calendar so that you can add new events on the fly and have them appear on your site.


Your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, YouTube, Instagram or others) can be integrated with your site through a customised feed that will blend in with your overall design. This will also help your site be less ‘static’ if you are not updating it very often.


We can also help with branding advice, including the design of business cards and matching stationery to co-ordinate with your site.

Getting Technical

Your website will be built with a custom design on WordPress, the world’s most popular website platform, and will include Libri as standard.


If you already host your own website and want to continue this way, that’s completely fine. However, if you would like the technical side taken care of, we can do this for you. Our hosting is fast, reliable and secure, and all sites have a security certificate installed. Websites are delivered via a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensuring fast access wherever your visitors are located. You may already have your own domain, but if not, we can guide you (in a jargon-free way) with all you need to know!

Security & Maintenance

It’s vital to keep websites secure, so all our hosted sites are frequently scanned for bugs and backed up daily, with additional login security to prevent unwanted access. We also take care of maintenance, including regular software updates to keep your site running smoothly.


Your site will be enabled with Google Analytics and you will receive a monthly report with insights into your website traffic and visitors.

What does it cost?

Every website is unique, so we offer a free, no commitment telephone or online consultation so that we can discuss your individual needs and scope out the specifics of your project. Following this, we will prepare a detailed proposal for your consideration, with a full estimate of the expected costs and timescale.


Typically, an average website can take around six to eight weeks to complete, but this will vary depending on the size of your project.